Hotel Industry

Hotels throughout history:

Before attempting definition hotel industry and its constituent types of institutions shows that it is wise to recall some points of Altarich.tmcn the reader to trace the attempt to clarify the hotel industry (and later will try to justify this phrase) an industry that is always constant and increasingly sophisticated quickly like everything that surrounds us in these days.

Industries hotels and restaurants feature their own is the difficulty of definition and inventory types. Because investors remained permanently invent new types of tourism enterprises example. Who could have imagined in Europe. Before 1939 open Mahl''akhaddm Bnevsk'' yourself or take the place of the meal in the car and several other examples.

   Glimpses of History:.

Before diving into the heart of the matter. Let us review some historical stages to facilitate the understanding of the rest.

Under traveler and throughout history (except for nomads and the soldiers who were carrying with them all their needs) need for "other" to provide him especially for his mount: eating and drinking and recreation.

Reference to the history of the Arab and Islamic World, we find that man since he was forced to move from one place to another. For many reasons. Of course, the most important search for a living. In many cases, it travels great distances to and far from the place of residence so difficult for him to return to his home in the same day. So it was still compelled to search for his place provides maximum safety and comfort to spend the night by his mount.

  But he began to prepare a shelter always. After each day's journey away. Use it back and forth and with the increasing number of the population. The number of villages and established a shelter in every village and then increased the number of cities and established a shelter at every entrance divinely initially were shelters designed to sleep travelers and their animals only then began to offer additional services to travelers as eating and drinking paid or even free of charge sometimes by groups of charity from the people of the mainland and charity service for pilgrims and going to the house of Rahman or returning them and were called as "guests"

  Shelters and named "Khan" in Farsi and then "hotel" in Arabic. This is still the label to mean every day replace receives people to sleep, regardless of the extent of the additional types of services offered by the spread and call it "came down" in the Maghreb.

To the middle of the last century, under all of the users of those services who have to travel, whether for business or for Umrah or Hajj. And requests traveler was dependent on: eating -alrahh - sleep.

Also, we find in the same period of European history, the same data, taking into account the different customs and beliefs

Join Hotels by Arab historians:

But when Arabs since the Middle Ages Narrated Ibn Hawqal in his book "The image of the earth," issued AD 988 years _ describe several Arab cities and bathrooms in hotels thread request for rest and bathing, which occur in all types of North Africa _ Abi Ubaid year 1067 AD.

The year 1154 Roy "Sharif Idrissi" what he saw of hotels in Tunisia, Andalusia and the like Ibn Jubayr

_ Which occur year AD 1184 for Iraq and the Levant and Sultan Khan hotel, which was founded by Sultan Saladin in that time.

  Arab traveler Ibn Battuta Muslim:

The traveler (Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Ibrahim who Tunja), known as Ibn Battuta, born in 703 AH and died 779 AH pioneer explorer in the world ancient and modern.

Gap throughout the known world in his east and west and north and south by land, sea and visited almost fifty countries and that a period of 30 years

The so-called Orientalist (Dorney) Description (Pilgrim Secretary).

Without Ibn Battuta his remarks were as follows when his visit to India and support in his book "a masterpiece of sight in the oddity of the regions and the wonders of travel".

(Come to the city (China Klan) and by making pottery in some destinations Muslim town, mosque them out and corner market and judge them and the sheikh and must in every country of China Shaykh al-Islam be things of Muslims due to him.

  Chinese in every city hotels him governor if after Morocco or dinner came the ruling to the hotel and with the writer, he wrote the names of all of abode in the hotel travelers and seal it and closed the door of the hotel on them if the morning came, and with him the writer he called everyone in his name and sent them to transport them to The destination of the Prophet and he gets acquitted of the ruling that everyone arrived safely to him.

If the merchant on the Muslim country of China, the country's charity get off at the dealer of the Muslim settlers Uwe hotel and infinite wealth and within which descended from him. If he wants to travel the search for his lost him found something fell in love from within it and wanted to get off at the hotel handed over his money to the owner of the hotel and within it which is what you should buy him and hold him accountable)

  In the modern world has become a manufacturing and trade depend on the technology, while the hospitality industry remained - without complex - dependent on the human element in their success

  Despite that, in recent decades occurred in the world changes in the global economy had turned the traditional sources of wealth (agriculture - industry) occupied by the service industry such as telecommunications, banking, information technology, travel and tourism industry, including hospitality.

  As the world's population increases and demands urgent to take comfort and satisfy their needs for after all the stress and the existing social, especially in the cities, the future according to experts, lies in the service industries, especially the tourism and hospitality on the requirement to provide the possibilities of natural as well as the possibilities of individual and collective to achieve it

Define and justify the designation (hotel industry)

The factors that led to the spread and development of the hotel industry in the world:

Challenged the field of hotels and primitive, we were talking today about the management of professional institutions, which is based on the industry and its mission insurance for travelers: good reception and comfort.

In political economy include the word industry every activity aims to promote the production and use of natural resources and the labor and capital.

Thus, the definition of "hotel industry" unjustifiable and includes every form of exploitation is designed to get the money and the provision of services for persons and material lives.

After currently meet the needs of travelers of security and comfort. Became their applications exceed the needs of economic man and since now required is the social needs of a man thirsty for ethical and cultural features available in civilization.

Problems related to rapid development. In the circumstances and lifestyle communities and new patterns of tourism facilitators to travel. Lead us to broaden our concept of the traditional hospitality of the hotel.

Our industry now includes a variety of activities. And "hotel" is one of its branches.

Economists expect in the future (and we are) a major development in the services section and the hotel industry in its many forms and is the most obvious kind.

Finally, we note that the narrow concept of "hotel industry" will expand to more and more responsive to the lifestyle and aspirations of humanity that will be demanded by future generations (and the current generation demanded by now) in work and rest.

The importance of the tourism industry and hotels in the state:

As the whole world, the tourism and hotels remain first and foremost. The best method of public relations and then return the material comes directly so that the tourist pays all his expenses in hard currency and indirectly when shopping tourists have movement in the market and this would help to create new jobs ... and this applies to all countries, including our country

Classification of hotels globally are giving the number of stars (from one star to five-star facilities) to each type specifications accurately determine by special criteria for each star with the presence of some unrated hotels

Branches and components for (hotel industry)

The term customary in professional groups divided the hotel industry to the three branches of activities:

1 Hotels

2 - Restaurants

3 - cafes

In most cases, all these branches overlap with each other and the majority of institutions exercising two or three activities at the same time.

  For those three activities appropriate to add a fourth activity:

4 - activity parallels my hotel.

We will try to clarify the differences between them as they exist in the current reality. And ask detailed manner the most common varieties. And concise manner of new varieties.

Do not claim that this list is comprehensive or definitive. But Baeks.fa each month goes hear the emergence of new products.

1 Hotels:

The above definition of the hotel. Abraltarich. In the foreground. And explain to the tongue of the Arabs:

The language of the people of the hotel Sham Khan of Khans inflicted these people, which will be in the towns and roads.

  To follow are summarized meaning that includes any place equipped for housing.

Classification of hotels globally are giving the number of stars (from one star to five-star facilities) to each type specifications accurately determine by special criteria for each star with the presence of some non-classified hotels.

Hotels ** split in terms of the impact and the elements of attraction (for example, not limitation):

- Hotels in transit: there especially around airports

- The city's hotels or commercial

- Tourist hotels or resorts

- Hotels coast

- Hotels therapeutic

- Spas and hotels crounotherapy or marine

- Hotels Sports

- Hotels roads

- Hotels families or permanent residence

- Motalat

- Hotels animated

- Floating hotels

- Furnished apartments with breakfast

- Youth Hostels

-almschviac- Clinics - shelter comfort / deficit Oalmottagaeidin

She also appeared finally Hotels and environmental satellite soon

2 restaurants:

Restaurants classified system forks In some countries, the system of stars by Guide "Michelin".

Types of restaurants:

- Traditional restaurants Classic Restaurants

- Barbecue restaurants. Grill-Rooms

- Room service. Room Services

- Fast food restaurants coffee shops

- Restaurants snacks. Snack Bars

- Restaurants gastronomy Gourmet or Gastronomic Restaurants

- Restaurants with regional property (Typical Restaurants).

- Pizza restaurants. Pizza Restaurants

- Restaurants serve yourself your own Self Services

- Restaurants roads. Highway Restaurants

  -mtaam Meals in the car Drive-in or drive-thru Restaurants

- Supply operators. Caterers

- Cabarets Music Halls

- Restaurants Workers institutions. Canteens


Cafes cafes

Tea Rooms Tea Rooms

4 - activities similarities hotel:

Goods exploitation Animations (trains - ships - aircraft) Mobile exploitations

** Different types of hotels and the type of activity

Hotels by elements of attraction or motives, according to Travel

A - city hotels City or commercial hotels

Hotels in accommodation levels

First-class hotels or high-end.

Are found in major cities that have a large movement in industry and commerce.

Of the largest hotels in the world (Russia - Moscow) card accommodate 6,000 beds and (Conrad Hiltn Chicago - United States) card accommodate 5,600 beds

More often than not the major hotels are buildings of the type of skyscrapers for the obvious reason: the high price of land in cities.

Energy absorption of a 200-bed, what more

Matt cheek:

Contains several restaurants:

* Traditional restaurants.

* Restaurant grill.

* Fast food restaurant

- Contains shops to sell drinks:

Tea Lounge

A shop selling drinks problem

Offers room service

Offers entertainment different depending on the country and the city found out:


- Steam bath.

- TV room.

- Radio room.

- Internet and fax services.

- A public hall for television.

- A public hall for reading.

- Hall of action for the business.

Generally about the reception hall, there are several shops Bmdkhlin. Entrance Interior entrance from the street. There is the possibility of presence of all types of shops and in what follows we refer to the most common:
  - Lounge Barber
- Selling perfumes.
- Jewelry.
- Clothing and luggage Leather (women-men).
- Bank.
- Tourist agency.
- Car Rental.
- Sjaúr- newspapers - Misc memorial.
  Other services are available upon request and paid:
  - Internet and telex.
-skrter Stenographer nicely and writer for several languages​​.
- Recording machine.
- Dictating machine.
- Copier.
- Hostesses for receptions
Guest rating:
The majority of the guests are business or participants in conferences or exhibitions, as well as individuals or groups of tourists
Increase on housing and eating each varieties guests. This hotel. It is a city downtown, he must provide a variety of additional services and make it a cultural center of attraction at the regional level and the national and international
Recall in what follows some services:
* Banquets - meals business.

* Sporadic meetings. Conferences. Meetings of the boards of directors etc ...

* Cultural performances: Photos. Carving. Offers a fashion Lech ...

* Seminars journalist for companies.

  * Concerts. Nightlife and ballet theater or cinema.

2 - Hotels transit. "Transit Hotel"

  Hotels are present in all degrees of classification, particularly first-class and rarely found in high-end class

  There are at or near airports and train stations shall be in front of her

Transit hotel at the airport be absorbed energy between 200 and 800 beds The hotel transit train stations The energy absorbed to be between 20 and 500 beds

Hotels near airports built transit number of floors is very limited due to aircraft


Hotels airports containing a restaurant and a traditional restaurant snacks while hotels, train stations usually has the traditional restaurant and cafe and shops for the sale of drinks in each problem

Entertainment and Sports no accommodation airports:

Pool-TV-radio and TV-room Internet-Fax-reading room -qaat work.

There is accommodation for entertainment train stations:

- TV and radio room.

Possible to rent rooms for a day or for a few hours during the day to wait for the plane or train. The service is called "day use Day-use" and equivalent to 50% of the price per night and usually have time between 7:00 to 8 at night. Noted that some countries forbid rent the same room more than once a day with the exception of hotels transit

This type of hotels must provide all services, 24-hour nature of the advent of divergence times and leave guests

3 resorts Resort hotels

There are all degrees of classification
There on the shore of the Sea of ​​/ on the lake shore. / On the shore of the river. Mountain areas. In rural areas and desert (fond of fishing or equestrian etc ...) and religious places.
Energy absorption between 20 and 1,000 beds and more.
Usually characterized by a varied architecture and appropriate to the surroundings of buildings and chalets, etc ...
The quality of the degree of customers to another and the number of days of accommodation ranging from 4 days to 3 weeks and may increase or decrease in some cases.

Matt cheek:
Usually has a traditional restaurant and lounge eat meals to provide full or half Full Board Half Board meals or sleep and breakfast Bed and Breakfast for residents for long periods.
Since the underlying demand for the visitors tourists in this kind of hotels is the comfort of the rooms division Vtkon Rooms Division priority without diminution of the importance of sections and other services.
Entertainment and Sports:
Entertainment is a priority and there are numerous facilities and a variety of places, depending on geography and varieties hotels
Exercise recreational activities such as hotels themselves:
* An outdoor pool, an indoor swimming pool or internal.
* Table tennis (table).
* Bowling.
* Tennis.
* Nightlife Music
* Reading lounge and library.
And also the involvement of outside hotels or other properties including but not limited to:
Water skiing, snow skiing / diving and underwater fishing / Stadium Puck / equestrian / fishing / Boats for Marine Excursions / volleyball court.
Often performs stimulus or more of Amenities and prepare a daily program for the various sectors and organize competitions among the guests of the same hotel or other hotels
Currently became the activation of the basic components tourist hotels in order to adapt to the social level of the customers and their tastes and ages and nationalities ...
Including tourist hotels that attract customers days holidays, which are often in the months of June / July / August The peak period. For the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the period of Hajj and Umrah. They are seasonal and if this situation has caused severe problems for the investor, such as:
· Securing profit in Guetrh brief (a few months).
· Keep the shop in a good position and tourist hotels, in particular, for its presence near the coastline of what caused the moisture mixed with salts of damage to buildings and furnishings when you close the hotels.
And try to find a solution to the equation of the economy in difficult periods, investors resorted to some of the solutions to keep the tourist hotels are open before and after the seasons and throughout the year and is in the reduction in the price of accommodation and bring different types of customers, such as:
· Retired for flexible travel dates.
· Conferences and meetings of the boards of directors
What must be noted. Its importance. And must keep up with the same hotel sectors similarities system to keep commercial traffic continuously and that does not give the impression that it half asleep and this policy of economic usefulness permeated the region and the country.

4 - Hotels thalassotherapy "Thalassotherapy Hotels"

Hotels are directly sea-side and proceed with health care by medical staff
There are first-class or high-end.
Energy absorption between 150 and 600 beds and more
In terms of entertainment and sports is approaching from the hotel and tourism without doubt borne in mind that some of the mechanisms that take into account the physical possibilities of the subject for treatment.
Usually contains two restaurants:
Restaurant Diet Dietetic Restaurant / traditional restaurant / grill restaurant /
Restaurant to sell drinks to the problem is not subject to treatment

H - Hotels roads "Route Hotels"

There is particular in Europe and the United States and all degrees of classification

Read Mark found on highways with heavy traffic or tourist sites or rural areas with unique privacy and away from the noise.

Energy absorption between 10 and 100 beds

Usually the character of architecture and furnishings are consistent with the nature and character of the prevailing neighboring rural homes

The stage will be for travelers and tourists or frequented by city dwellers to enjoy the rural environment and the relative calm in the light of a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

One of the characteristics of this type of hotels are relative affection in personal relationships, whether between residents with each other or the relationship between the resident and the owner of the hotel.


· Restaurant serves the area of jurisdiction of the

· Salon drinking tea and chatting and reading

· Modest booth for the sale of postcards, cigarettes and some of the products of the region.

6 apartments "chambre meublee"

There is this kind of hotels in cities.
More often than not classified in the second degree (2 stars).
Hotel modest but clean
Energy absorption from 10 to 30 beds
There are usually one bathroom each floor. Length of stay to be more than a month.
Types of guests: singles - retirees - students - staff and technicians etc ...
· Lounge which offers eat 3 meals (Vtor- lunch - dinner).
· Modest lounge for reading and reception of guests staying and certainly watching television!.

7-Motalat "Motel Inn"

  Started with the idea of ​​creating this kind of hotels in the United States to serve travelers in their cars and they need to spend one night in hotel.
Therefore, priority will be given to those facilities that are consistent with the quality of the guests that provide them with basic services, the following:
* The possibility of stopping their cars near the housing. Even the hotels like "Unicorn Motel Berastoul UK" or "Hilton Bdenzn In the United States,"
Provide shelter for cars each floor. When the possibility of recording the guest to come. The salvation of the bill at checkout without leaving the car.
* Provide a refueling station and parts of motor oils Lech ...
Comfortable rooms with:
Bath house / Radio / TV / kitchenette / air conditioner / Brad
Be guests "Motalat" from businessmen or tourists or any kind of travelers they have all the same property, and we now turn briefly Klata:
· Mobility in the car.
· Find comfort.
· Freedom of movement and speed. Such as simplifying the registration of arrival and departure.
· Less than the cost of establishing business hotels in cities.
· Contact favored the fewest possible hotel workers, such as room service workers ... because he does not want to waste time in thinking of ex gratia payments.
Other services and activities vary from one hotel to another according to his degree.

8 activities similarities hotel:

· Hospitals Hospitals
· Clinics Clinics
· Shelter comfort Rest homes
· Shelter infirm Nursing Homes
· Shelter retired Retirement homes
Why call it semi hotel comes from the fact that these stores have a common denominator - except denominator Medical - a provision of hotel services such as housing and eating Therefore, we find that the Director in charge of Administration and Supply be graduates of institutes of tourism and hotels and in many cases have proceeded management of a hotel before received new missions.
Hotel services available:

· Reception (~ oncoming leave).
· Internal Oversight.
· Washing.
· Maintenance.
· Eating and drinking.
9-hotel services by rail: 

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