An article about the benefits of Ambassr.modua Ambassr.tgarirmadrsa for Ambassr.mqal Mmesan Ambassr.modua titled Travel

Before two weeks from the day I was to myself this way: Behold, I am now in the plane, the reason for my concern and my confusion and extreme tensile. The reader may think I am exaggerating, but you actually describe my condition accurately. Travel worrying for me and the plane ride, the iron cage that looped me in the sky makes me feel scared. I was in that plane address self accent analyst I remember I said to myself: I am now suffering from two reasons for concern. Travel itself and the plane ride, Well Here's who will sit upon the seat, good girl beside me is perhaps the other is shared this concern
Thrown salute them to respond to the best of them. Seemed to me to be sufficient for polite remember well her smile, which raised Vinnie little satisfaction and encouraged me to ask her about the destination and itself spontaneously told me calmly: I am a girl I travel from place to place Akhroakmmelt generally divorced and visage very comfortable ... told me about travel and benefits and her love deep to him and appended to her words Gemayel, saying: It is nice to recognize human features of the world and Esberalmnatq and live with her ​​family to taste the sweetness of the differences between the habits of the place and the last nice thing to fathom life through the identification of human beings and the nature of the country and mention that her words deep made ​​me a good listener where I broke my silence by asking direct me: not you think so?
She said that and Onamtriqh Mtlzzh Lahlou, describing her travel, the reason for my concern and fear. I replied, have a smile on my face, shy smile: Your words about traveling makes me feel calm. I thought a strange feeling that people feel fear and boredom of trekking! So my feeling was actually said: Life is beautiful when it go further. Anxiety and fear to miss the beauty of things, and the moments that we bestowed by God. God said, "Travel in the land," a speech for us to recognize and act on this earth has God said, "and made ​​you into nations and tribes so," and here demonstrates the Almighty that the people that know each other and learn from the cultures of others, because our vision Ltd. for last, become Amiqhandma approaching from other cultures, and increase our stock of knowledge about human life.
I felt strangely comfortable after that girl talk Anxiety constitutes a large portion of my life and the lives of my companions asked her then: not afraid of the plane ride?
Her answer was a source of calm, God controls human Tosrovi in fear and Alttir.astmtaa grace of civilization and meditative in the difference between traveling in our time and era grandparents, Sahark comfortable now that I remember I looked out the window of the plane and strange that I did not stop myself from looking at the clouds as usual became a beautiful scene where he was raised by Alrab.tlk simple words of those traveling companion gave me a chance to reflect upon the reasons for concern in my life in other, more quietly Link between Akaddroataml depth.
Amazing actually, we spend many times of our lives in anxiety and fear, tension and this is what we have lost other meanings of life and aesthetics even in those Aloxiaoualta scare us
I thought travel only fun, but I now realize that the chance to travel to learn to know actually I have learned a lesson from the horror of that trip companion, which it soon turned into a trip tranquility near that girl, that made me think of life and the people and causes anxiety Boutrikhokhry

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