About Hotels

Dubai has a number of luxury hotels that cater to tourists, visitors and businessmen, and find restaurants in these hotels are a microcosm of the types of cuisine in the world. And fit hundreds of small restaurants scattered throughout the city all tastes and budgets.
In addition to the traditional markets, there are many modern shopping malls, which are distributed in all parts of the city, where you find all global brands, and at reasonable prices. And became the Dubai Shopping Festival which is held annually appropriate internationally-known people gathered from all over the world to take advantage of sale prices competitive and withdrawals, offers and promotions.
Official site of the Government of Dubai provides more information about the Emirate of Dubai.
Dubai has a variety of hotels: many of them overlooking the sea with private beaches, while other hotels are located in the city, with the possibility of good access to the attractions of purchasing and nightclubs. The fit of the three types of hotels business travelers in particular due to the proximity of meetings and exhibitions centers, and public transportation, and meeting facilities.
And are usually less expensive apartments from hotels, which are suitable for longer stays as it is fully furnished,and are serviced on a regular basis, and usually contain kitchens.

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