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Rome, the capital of organized chaos ..
City does not know the way to boredom

Rome: Jocelyn Elijah
Every time I visit Italy I feel like I visit for the first time and I feel I am in my second home and probably plays its geographical location and the Mediterranean sea in that role.
When you arrive to the capital Rome feel like you are in the open-air museum and large, each building tells the story of history and flirts clear on all the walls decorated by the hands of artists and sculptors months.
Located in the heart of Europe, but they are unique beauty can not be compared to the rest of other European capitals, where all the beautiful chaos that has become even with time organization will not stand in front of you during your visit to them.
When you decide to visit Rome, you must bring your feet will you use for the duration of your stay, renting a car in Rome may be an option wrong proportion of traffic congestion at peak times and other times of the day and night, and the parking is a rare coin and inaccessible, if any.
In Rome you'll find yourself walking for long hours will not feel so, on the first day I arrived in, I walked for six hours straight I did not feel in which tired but I was fascinated by the beauty of its development, my visit was the fifth is every time I go to them discover new splendor and museum, new and historical story did not Otenbh them before, and this is what makes it such a masterpiece capital draw discovery at any time you visit.
Why are advised to visit now?: These days, one of the best times to visit Rome proportion to its weather moderate, and these days, do not fall within the summer season, where inflamed the price, if the point Antlaqk of Europe will be the cost of travel much less with the availability of the opportunity to travel cheaply on board lines easyJet and Ryanair and other airlines cheap, in addition to British Airways flights and Alitalia, which starts a day from Heathrow, either if the starting point of the Middle East, it is better to use in one of the travel agencies and tourism, which can make reservations hotels and travel tickets have been these are the perfect way to get the best prices, especially in Rome that the problem is the availability of a sufficient number of hotel rooms available in the middle so it is advisable to book hotels are always located in the outskirts of the capital they provide free transportation service to and from the city center in most cases. Tourist attractions countless: beautiful in Rome is near the tourist attractions of each other, setting off to visit the Vatican and surrounding area churches wonderful belong to him, but, if you want to climb to the top of the building Vatican must be alert to the issue of waiting in a queue has no end, as it should query for another appointment to visit so as not to wait for all that time and up late to find the doors are locked, but seeing the inside of the Vatican and Rome view of the above deserve all the fuss and wait.
Vatican City from smaller cities and includes the headquarters of the Pontifical and the most important museums and church «Sistine» which is considered the most beautiful hand made ​​Michael Angelo, when you visit your eyes will be on Msamartin Alsagovih ornate, which is a piece of art in itself.
* Coliseum, it is no less splendor from the rest of the historical monuments, Fbdakhlh breathe the fragrance of the date on which it seems clear through fingerprints Romania left unchanged for more than three thousand years and out of this theater huge find a wall tells the history of the empire Romania, which has swept the world from end to latest, and take our Arab pillar on this wall in turn tells the history of the civilization that decorated the most beautiful cities in the world, temples and terraces, theaters and castles that are still witness to the vigor.
* Pantheon, one of the archaeological sites that received special attention from the authorities in Rome are better maintain the premises and are maintenance work which is constantly, it is known for the Italians interest in the issue of keeping their heritage historical, and this is evident in its decorations small engraved on buildings and old churches that still Bohaly suit, designed the center, the Pantheon roof dumped in a circular motion what is considered a kind of creativity in architecture.
The most beautiful squares: * Piazza Navona, Bmseltha wonderful statues and giant fountain distinctive, address gatherings of tourism, which meet all languages ​​and take them as the date for the convergence to eat better cup of coffee and a taste of Italian cuisine tempting regardless of calories incurred when takingmedicinebefore «pasta» and «pizza ».
In this arena had been living legend actress Sophia Loren is still her home, which is still apprehensive to this day there, adorned with a balcony filled with trees and flowers.
* Trevi Fountain, or Fontana di Trevi, remember to throw in its water piece of financial metal to ensure a second visit to Rome, has this holds true with me Vdhirtha five times, they are considered glanced of the most beautiful squares, where the most beautiful fountain, as it is located in the city center close to of shops and cafes, which are teeming with tourists who come to it from all sides, as it is the destination of newlyweds who Aotonha to take some souvenir photos in an atmosphere of joy and in the confines of the sound of running water.
* Piazza de España, or what is known as the Spanish Steps is located close to the fountain of the aforementioned, and adorned with colorful flowers. Tourists come to him to take the most beautiful souvenir pictures, which is very close to the high-end shopping areas, particularly the Via Condotti.
What do you do during the day?: Sure, you will not be puzzled at what you do during the day, Rome is full of beautiful things that are worth a visit after a cup of cappuccino flavor Italian original will be lively, to start in expeditions to delay capital, Fujbh Italian breakfast is a a cup of cappuccino or Alaspreuiso croissant with sweetened chocolate or jam, but the hotels take into account the issue of the habits of tourists of various nationalities Vtstaan ​​manner buffet which contains a variety of dishes.
If you enjoy physically fit will help you to walk the intensive use of the office to arrange special flights organizes twice a day, one in the daytime and another at night on foot from which to learn all the sights in Rome with a tour guide explains to you the story of each wall of the building. To inquire Enjoy Rome, Via Marghera 8a, www.enjoyrome.com without forgetting the lunch break in a Rome restaurants beautiful, we must try as much as possible of Italian dishes, which often begin with «Ante Basti» which is Brokita (a piece of toast and greased with olive oil, garlic, salt and cut tomatoes small size) and then dealing with in accordance with a great pasta flavors and sauces are different, and you end up with a cup of coffee, but do not miss you chance to eat «ice cream» Italian famous like Altartvuo at Giolitti, which is between the best places in Rome, and after the slalom on some commercial markets, Valtsouk in Rome will be your companion Permanent he comes to you wherever you are thanks to street vendors in the streets who sell handbags counterfeit sunglasses and even shoes cheaply, if you decide to buy something of them do not accept the price first, and Vasalhm Suppose the price at which they want they accept. (Note, the acquisition of counterfeit artifacts that carry the names of the months, the role of fashion is considered illegal in some countries must be alert to this point). What do you do at night?: Lille Rome like Nharha, noise himself and life full of movement itself and the traffic jam is not the kindest, but there are some restaurants that are open only during the period of the evening, if you're a fan of pizza, you just need to visit Batezirya de Bafiato Pizzeria De Baffetto the best Batezirya in Rome opens its doors for the night, and to provide specialized Albrookita dishes and pizza baked on the wood in two sizes: large and small. If you prefer a bustling atmosphere, you just need to go to a restaurant in the city center Gilda and Mansehra in the box end of the night for him.
* 10 best places to shop in Rome * is still the Italian capital maintain its position in the world of fashion, when you visit will not be in front of you handicap access to the shopping streets, they are scattered all over the city that distinguish small boutiques, unlike what we find prevalent in the West, where there are large commercial centers. Among the most important markets in Rome:
* Via Condotti Via Condotti is a street Condotti of the most important streets for shopping proportion to what its content of shops and the role of fashion famous in the fashion world, such as the House of Gucci and Bulgari, Prada, Hermes and Ferragamo and Armani and Trussardi and Valentino and other big names in the world of fashion, but Prepare yourself for high prices.
This street in the world converge Fame shop, do not wait to get discounts from shopkeepers Vamufaslh not allowed in those stores.
* Via del Corso, Via Del Corso
* Access to Corso from could not be easier, it cleaves the commercial center in Rome and includes shops several power tools to music stores and shoe stores and fits owners budgets medium and youth ratio for the large number of shops that sell what suits them from clothes and accessories, and if you are a shopaholic in You'll find shopping malls in the center of the Corso and the lonely called La Rinascente find the perfume, clothes and many other things.
* Via Cola di Rienzo Via Cola Di Rienzo
* This is the ideal market for the middle class and the owners of modest budgets, but this does not mean that the goods contained therein are not good, but on the contrary they are Italian-made, but they are not signed by famous designers and famous for this street, the prevalence of a large number of shops selling shoes keep pace with fashion trendy. And near this street is located Ottaviano Ottaviano Street and find the shops to sell clothes to suit all budgets, including expensive ones and cheap.
* Via Via Borgogniama Burgonewma
* Address last for months Italian brands and is located close to the market Condotti, find a great shops bearing the signatures of famous designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Ferre and Givenchy, Versace, and it can reach by walking to the Piazza di Spagna famous as a tourist and business, where there is a house Missoni and Krizia Fashion elegant.
* Via de Korunari Via Dei Coronari
* In the past, this market is famous for selling rosaries, icons and everything related to Christian pilgrimage in the Vatican, but he turned the day into an important destination for lovers of artifacts, but beware of fraud Some of the pieces may be worth the price of imported nor desired.
* Via del Babueno Via Del Babuino
* It can be said that this market is the most elegant and sophisticated compared with the markets of Rome the other not less important, meet the famous brands such as Armani and Chanel, Tiffany & Co, with most shops selling artifacts, this is the street true paradise for amateur compilation of artifacts, particularly furnishings and paintings ancient art.
* Via Via Margutta Margota
* In spite of the small size of this market, but it contains many ancient artifacts affordable.
* FIA Boca de Leon Via Bocca Di Leone
* Located close to the market and Burgognona Condotti and is known for the proliferation of small boutiques and high-end on both sides, and the presence of unique jewelry is unique in design, but you can not find there, especially in a place called Siragoza the unique design of the most beautiful rings and necklaces.
* Via Via Nazionale Naziunali
* It is the place which meant the Italians to the shop, where you find everything you need from needs such as clothes, shoes and travel bags and home accessories, prices are very acceptable.
* Via de Gaoponara Via Giubbonari
* So-called honor of b «jacket Gauboti» which was being manufactured in this particular street, and is known for the presence today of a lot of goods cheaply, and find the shoes and formal dresses and Sbor for women and men.
Note: most of the shops closed their doors during the day to rest, what requires you to organize your day and take advantage of lunch time at the time of closing, and often have between one o'clock and half past three in the afternoon
Eating Italian sweep across the world .. and cook in the German capital outperform Romans

Rome: Abdul Rahman Al-Bitar
Sink to the markets these days, yearbooks from the best restaurants in Italy in 2006 and compete in the culinary specialists on the choice of the most brilliant chef and award prizes and grades. After my stay in this beautiful country and savoring Bmoklh for more than thirty years decided to rating the best restaurants in Rome on my way and without paying attention to the signs given by any tourist guide or a book about restaurants that more than 2,500 restaurant in the Italian capital.
Characteristics of eating Italian: Italian cuisine swept across the world in its simplicity and its dependence on fresh material so it is hard to enjoy eating authentic Italian outside Italy for lack of the required materials and all the many amendments entered by some competent prosecutor. May not know some of the impact of the Arabs historically Italian cuisine but the Arabs left their mark wherever they are, especially in the south, such as Sicily and Naples Fsharaúh Albestalh Moroccan became «Melleh Füle» (A paper) in Italy and «mi Foy» in France, «Strodl» in Austria and Germany. The influence of the Arab repeated twice: first when it invaded Aghlabids from Tunisia Sicily in the ninth century and remained there two hundred and fifty years, and secondly when he returned the Crusaders to their country, and brought in sugar cane cultivation in Spain and rice in Italy, as well as spinach (Spinashi in Italian or Spinc English) as well as orange and lemon and apricot (plum) and introduced the production of refreshments such as ice cream or gelato (ice cream) and Alsorbyh (ie frozen lemonade).
The meal consists of eating in Italy from Sahnin: the first contains a pasta like spaghetti or macaroni and classes varied and the second includes a meat or chicken or fish being prepare these items in a simple way, in most cases, unlike French cuisine. Italian food and healthy because it focuses on the use of olive oil and marine species and aromatic herbs as he much diversity as regions and provinces Therefore, we believe that the majority of Italians are characterized by lean and relatively moderate weight.
Rome Restaurants: The restaurants in the Italian capital in the seventies limited in dishes., Diversity and like a big village narrow thinking and had fresh fish rarely eat province of Rome is limited, as the days of the rule of the popes, while offering most of the restaurants the same menu, but what Say Wonder in places visiting tourists, where you can find some restaurants overseas, but now the situation has changed completely and became Rome comparable to Paris and the major capitals and opened several new restaurants regulations unfamiliar characterized by quality, innovation and sophistication in the art of cooking after that abounded hotel schools and improve the training of chefs and became level globally while retaining the character of Italian inspired by all the provinces.
«Gallura»'s thickness: the thickness of the best restaurant in Rome is located in the upscale neighborhood and occupy the floors in the building and garden predominantly wealthy and do not know a lot of tourists, but of my favorite restaurants to amateur and Almtanqan eating delicious food and drink. The reason for its success depends on it to bring the fish and food fresh seafood from the island of Sardinia. Frequenting the restaurant politicians, actors and football players and the self-employed as Doctors and lawyers. Favorite dishes which include fish delicacy (like Alelkez or «Sbiegola» in Italian) and marine shellfish and prawns (shrimp) and Alhomar and Alangosut and lobsters (Aragusta) and fruits find rare tropical species and strawberries or wild strawberries. The prices commensurate with those luxurious materials, so it is difficult to be less than the bill for 80 euros (or $ 100) per person.
Gallura _ via Giovanni Antonelli, 2 (Parioli) _ Tel. 06 8072971 «Ditty Rambo»: amateur eating delicious and the prices are reasonable in the center of the city near the places tourists visit and yard «Navona» Square «Campo de Fiori» (field of flowers) .laúhh food is traditional but they are affected by the experience of the owners of the restaurant who came from the province of different backgrounds spaced The former residents of Rome and the second was a merchant Holdings ancient city of Luke province of Tuscany in central Italy, the chef were followers of the school, which combines ancient and modern are preparing breads, pastries and desserts herself and adjusted in traditional recipes are light and donate in the preparation of meat dishes and fish like to eat in the backyard or what they call in Italy «eat Betty». The price of the meal does not exceed 40 euros (or $ 50) in most cases.
Ditirambo _ Piazza della Cancelleria, 74 _ Tel. 06 6871626 Armando: a small restaurant in a historic building near the old structure of the Pantheon, which is visited by thousands of tourists in the center of Rome, was designed by architect huge dome of Damascus, which Apolodoros in the second century AD, the Roman Emperor Trajan days. Does not provide «Armando» only meat except on Tuesdays and Fridays, where offers according traditionally fish. The author won an award for cooking was an important dream since he was a French writer and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre has dining with colleagues from famous authors Italians. Here you can enjoy eating the city of Rome, such as the traditional roast lamb and artichokes (or artichokes) and wild mushrooms, as well as a special dessert chef of the invention, a sweet cake cheese (ricotta) with a layer of strawberry jam (or strawberry). The price also does not exceed 40 euros (or $ 48).
Armando Al Pantheon _ Salita de Crescenzi, 31 _ Tel 06 68803034 Tulio: Castle to eat good secured its quality and origins of Tuscany and its capital Florence is located near the end of the street Veneto in the center of the capital and yard Barparini known example magnificent Bernini fountain. Most customers of well-known personalities and businessmen who prefer the kinds of fish or meat cooked the way the province of Tuscany in addition to the pasta with wild mushrooms in the autumn season, as well as truffle rare, but cake dessert «A Paper» (inclination Füle) from the production shop specializes desserts are fun memorable. The cost of the meal per person between 50 and 60 euros (or 60 to $ 72).
Tullio- Via San Nicola da Tolentino, 26 _ Tel. 06 4818564 Pergola Hotel Hilton: luxurious restaurant in Rome and cook a German, a Heinz Beck winning certificate all the critics that he's number one for years is not rivaled in this class any cook Italian Although the menu contains Italian dishes but in a way very innovative, proving that your artist of the first class .. and it is impossible to describe Dishes which constantly invent and if the money were not, or 160 euros (about $ 200) per person a barrier in front of you you can indulge in this unique experience but do not forget booking two months ago, many Vazubaún and place tight
Visit Rome reveal one Muammara amazing and vibrant modern life
Eternal City, which saw the rise of many empires and Fall

London: Abdul Karim al-Haj
According to mythology, Anceet the city of Rome in the twenty-first of the month of April in 753 BC by the twin «Romlos» and «Remus», the two sons of «March» war machine when the ancient Romans. In a moment of anger Romlos killed his brother Remus and proclaimed himself the first king of the city of Rome. Regardless of the validity of the myth is the fact that the city is already established in the first millennium BC and has evolved from a small village to the «City State». And the expansion of the rule of Rome and extended from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the banks of the Euphrates River in the east and included all the lands bordering the Mediterranean Sea, which the Romans called «Mare Nostrum» any mare nostrum.
The story of the rise and dissolution of the Empire Romania exciting and full of tragic events and immortalized the history of emperors who thirst for blood «Nero» Terrible (5468 m), «Koumados» (180 192 m) and the mad emperor «Caligula» (3741 m). In spite of the harshness of some of the emperors of Rome, however, continued to climb and remained the capital of the empire to the emperor that he «Dikolian» dividing the empire into two Romanian Western Empire and its capital Rome and the Byzantine Empire and its capital, Constantinople.

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