Strangest types of hotel rooms

Strangest types of hotel rooms
Many hotels attract visitors by luxury brands and modern design. But a lot of people do not know what you can see there. There are plenty of luxurious rooms, but only some of them can really amaze you because of the unique design and details. You can learn and identify the types of hotel rooms of the most fascinating and unusual variation with wings all over the world!

1. Chocolate Room
You can find rooms in Paris, a stunning "chocolate room" was designed by Karl Lagerfeld! You can not even imagine how much creativity inside the room chocolate! It contains 10.5 tons! Which monitors everything you see in this room full of chocolate on the walls, and the beds.

2. Wing James Bond
There are seven star hotel in Paris offers you all wing James Bond. It is a combination of elegant design. Elect with a safe place, where you can hide some gold lame own.

3. Heidi room
Do you remember the story of the beautiful girl Heidi? You can find a room Heidi Room No. 409 in the Hotel Fox, Copenhagen. There is a bed of pine split, Heidi room, with the ability to see the Alps on the walls of this room.

4. Balls Free Spirit
Qualicum Beach is a unique beach where you can relax while enjoying nature. There are some rooms, which are called rollers Free Spirit, where you can feel the absolute privacy with your creative energy. We all childhood dream to stay in a house on the tree, but now you can enjoy this dream.

5. Igloo
Actually, you will not see something like this! As the best exhibition of natural light for ever! Igloo is made of thermal glass, but you will see the aurora borealis stunning, you can enjoy from December to April in the village of Igloo!

6. Nautilus Suite
Have you ever dreamed that you live under water, Poseidon Undersea Resort can bring you everything you want! Sure, the wing cost a lot of money ($ 30,000 per night), but you will experience living in a huge suite with very large windows. You can also enjoy the luxury of living room, which makes you feel something indescribable! In addition to a garden beautiful coral and colorful fish different, and you can even feed them.

7. Caveman Room
Do you like the Flintstones? If the answer is "Yes, now you have to look in one of the rooms are horrible for Madonna, which is called the Chamber of the" man cave. "This amazing place is located in San Luis Obispo, California. There are a lot of rooms with own ideas. There are a lot of animal prints and even rock pool! You can shower in the bathroom along the lines of the cave or sleep on the bed monarchy. So it is best to get a place of solid rock.

Therefore, if you want to add something that is normal for your trip I advise you to book one of these rooms is strange, and wonderful! And make sure that you will not forget these places!

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