«Boutique hotels» .. idea began in America and moved to Europe .. Today invade Cairo

The experience of choosing the right hotel which will eliminate the traveler a journey of the most important elements that should be the focus on the grounds that the place of residence would add a lot of fun and comfort on the trip, or marred if the place is comfortable or not clean or there is any problem about it .. and varied choices of travelers between luxury hotels with a wide fame and cheap hotels in which he resides some pressure for the expenses of many, and between species and different levels of hotels appeared a new type of hotels in appearance and presence on the scene in Egypt, which is the so-called «boutique hotels».
And «boutique», the French word basically «Boutique», which means small shop, and then varies boutique hotel very much in character for a major hotel chains world-famous, and some of which recently joined this trend and he opened some branches that belong to «boutique hotels» .

Historically, this trend began hotel to emerge in the eighties of the last century, San Francisco, and then moved to Europe, where she was the beginnings of his appearance in London with «Blacks» Blakes, which is designed décor designed global Anoushka Hempel, In the United States, where he was hotel Morzinz Morgans in New York, in San Francisco hotel, however, Ford Bedford, began then to emerge and spread successively in several countries around the world, such as Thailand, Spain, Turkey and Malaysia, however, that this trend is relatively new in Egypt and the Arab world, where he took in the appearance and growth perhaps to the requirements needed, and perhaps the different nature tourist and a traveler who became his other requirements in tourist trips may not be offered accommodation in luxury hotels seriously.

What distinguishes boutique hotels from the others is that they are basically found in buildings are not designed to be the hotels, it may be a palace out of date or apartment building or any place not built and designed to be a place offers hotel service, and that these hotels are often at the heart of the city center of residential areas and the streets crowded with shops and people from the people of the city, which provides a rich experience through cohabitation of the nature of the city and its people during his travels, even from his balcony during the stay in the hotel, and the interior design of this type of hotels is very different from the designs and decorations major hotels, Vvenadeg boutique often featuring decorated simplicity and intimacy and to keep away from extravagance and things exaggerated, Valdekor often resembles decorations ordinary houses and perhaps often predominantly local to the area, which is located through the carpets, paintings and sofas and chandeliers with distance from the decorations and things unusual because they often do not fit with the place and space, the choices of colors of the walls and the furniture is often the more traditional classic, Fbho hotel often be small in size and includes sofas traditional and perhaps a library like atmosphere homes, but this does not preclude the provision of the requirements of comfort and modern technology to their visitors, such as air conditioners and Internet services and bathrooms equipped with a Jacuzzi, and may be each room distinct from the other and have a certain character in furniture, curtains and decor, but what is collected by relying on traditional decors nature that characterizes the place or city from the other.

Due to the nature of these hotels, the number of rooms in which to be a little, and thus receives a limited number of guests, which makes it quieter and less noise from the big hotels, but some chains global headed to the opening of some of the sections under this Title as a result of its spread around the world, increased the number of rooms, and mastered in providing a lot of hotel services that suit some travelers, which may prefer these hotels without the other. Also features boutique hotels that are often run by either an individual or a family owned business that has been converted to hotel and sometimes a small company making based on management exists in place permanently, and Mank directly with guests, providing an interactive relationship between the guest and management, allows exploration and evaluation of inmates and seeing the extent of satisfaction with the service provided in place.

It also allows a limited number of rooms for hotel guests some of the privileges that may not be available in huge hotels, including the intimacy in the relationship between the workers in the hotel and guests, not to mention the feeling of comfort and safety and hygiene full of place .. In guesthouses often known guests by name to the receptionist and is based on service The rooms, which provides a good relationship between the parties as to the limited number of guests managed the hotel from interacting with them more and help them and answer their questions, especially with regard to the place and the country and places the candidate to visit and the best ways to reach them .. also, some hotels of this quality often provide regular flights places archaeological and tourist, the availability of guest hassle of searching and mobility if it is not contracted with one of the travel agencies which will this task, then the experience of a stay in generally similar to the family atmosphere, where often available to guests enjoy their breakfast in the hotel's terrace overlooking the atmosphere of the city.

He began this kind of hotels in appearing recently in Egypt with the opening of some of the hotels that touts this trend in areas as diverse neighborhoods of Cairo different, there are some in certain places in Cairo old, is available for guests a unique experience to stay in the place of his charm archaeological areas, and there are hotels in Cairo amid what it represents from the hustle and bustle of city life, and there are hotels on the outskirts of Cairo provide some calm. There is also a lot of boutique hotels began appearing in tourist areas such as Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada to provide hotel service distinctive and less expensive than hotel chains famous deployed there, as well as the onset of this type of hotel chains, major international, where it was the opening of the first boutique hotel belonging to the chains global hotel recently and of the company «Kempinski» and often will not be the last and the growing prevalence of this trend in hotel services around the world.

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