Las Cuevas, the castle built stone by stone

Fans of the castles are in Spain a perfect place in which to discover all kinds of buildings with different architectural styles. The oldest castles, those dating from medieval times very far in history, yet are still standing and are regular visit by all kinds of people. And the discovery of these castles can even lead to having the dream of having your own, something available to only a few.

Dream Serafin Villar was in indeed have its own castle. And for this he decided, putting everything in his power, build one from scratch. It was the late 70s, a time in which many of you may not even born hubierais. Villar, who stressed throughout his life in all kinds of work, with experience as a mason, mechanic, architect, smith or musician, among other things, spent his spare time on holidays and weekends, to go slowly forging the castle that today we have the opportunity to see Cebolleros. The work was hard from the start, using boulders coming from the river Nela and very inventive, to shape a structure that has attracted the attention of even the most experienced in architecture.

Notes, for example, its shape, overlapping with a curious position and use of land in which they were originally two warehouses cubes. The result is still not finished, because unfortunately Serafin Villar died in 1998, but work continues at the hands of the heirs of the dreamer. Their descendants and relatives continue working on a project that moved the Seraph himself in a spectacular way, but which still seems to lack some elements to be completed in full. However, you may visit to delight us with what is proposed in Cebolleros, bringing added value to this part of the province of Burgos.

Admission is free and allows you to enjoy a dazzling work inside, with five fully acclimated plants redial a medieval style. The dedication that has been put into each of its instances, a total of 300 square meters, is surprising. Serafin always wanted that space was characterized by a distinct medieval style which have been applied some modern elements that help strengthen the castle in a meaningful way.

Castle for Cebolleros
Notes, for example, great care has been put into the decor of stone and the details in their watches on their tables and the rest of these elements that give a personal touch to the castle. Of the five plants can visit three of them, from which you can enjoy a unique experience in the region, with a view worth remembering that while the great atmosphere we breathe is distilled in this town of Merindades. It's one of those experiences you will not forget, not so much for the castle, but by knowing the history that lies behind and materialize as the realized dream of a person who always knew his target and struggled in a remarkable way day by day, to fulfill its purpose. Appreciate the other hand, his family still working on it and keep alive the spark that lit Serafin in the 70s, it is a pleasure that demonstrates the commitment and loyalty of those who surrounded the builder of the castle while he lived.

Mole is a village with few inhabitants, with a roster of 21 people in 2011, it has other attractions to visit. The region celebrates its local festival on the 16th of September, known as the Feast of St. Cornelius and also own a large rural landscape of the province of Burgos, offers the opportunity to visit the church of St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian. It is, therefore, a great tourist destination and a great opportunity when connected, as indicated, with the result of how the spirit of perseverance people can lead, with hard work and determination, in a work that will endure over time, an immortal castle rises the region widespread interest area in the country.

As we said at the beginning of the article is nothing there own castles of these characteristics and origins not only in our country but around the world. The story of Serafin Villar is worthy to endure and his work deserves the widest possible number of people can meet. Moreover, his family, although not compulsory, accept any donation that visitors may be interested in doing to support the construction of the castle proceed.Las Cuevas

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